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Career Development

A wide range of appropriate channels for developing individual careers are built up throughout the company’s demands and requirements.

The career planning is pushed forwarded step-by-step for continuous improvement, whereas cadres and employees are promoted by means of implementing multiple collaborative plans, and the process of assessing of management.


Ranking Management
Guided by the principle of value creation, the Four-Dimensional and the Ten-Elements performance appraisal method is adopted to carry out a uniform ranking management, which is, in the meantime, the standardized ranking management for the regulating ranking orders and appraisal systems for all professional branches.

Performance Management
The Dual Dimensioned evaluation criterion which combines performance and core values (leadership) carries forward the uniform performance management. It is worth mentioning as well that performance appraisal hereby contains monthly, seasonal and annual performance reviews. Upon the adoption of the Dual Dimensioned evaluation method, employee’s performance is improved and a mutual development between the company and the employees themselves is achieved.

Compensation management
The company practise the salary motivation system that based on the post value, ability and result-oriented,through the perfect compensation adjustment and monitoring mechanism,CIMC ENRIC compensation play the salary's motivation function of  "external competitiveness, internal equity" ,that provide  competitive compensation to the employees who have made outstanding contributions to company's growth.

CIMC ENRIC compensation system including salary, benefits, bonuses, allowances and other basic parts.

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