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Training Programs

The company adheres to the philosophy that training creates optimal benefits for employees, and it is under this slogan that an important comprehensive internal training system and a knowledge management system are established.

Training programs are planned by layers and phases and corresponding learning roadmaps are being determined, both according to the individual improvement requirements. Internal, external, E-Leaning and many other methods of training programs are carried out in order to improve both general and specialty skills of employees and eventually achieve the mutual growth of the company and its employees.

Professional Skill Training: In line with the set of job requirements, appropriate specialty skill training programs are carried out and led by the business division while coordinated by the HR department. Performance appraisals are implemented and improved to assess the practical application and the training achievements.

Generic Skills Training: Along with the job requirements, a generic skills training and development system for employees is established according to the business demands. Furthermore, individual abilities and potentials are taken into consideration so that these general skill training programs can be tailored for the individual needs and to facilitate the employees’ overall improvement.

New Employees Orientations: All new employees’ orientation is organized and updated on a regular basis. These steps include role changes, corporate instructions, HR policies, company history and career development, all of which are designed to help new employees get accustomed to the new environment and their new roles easily and rapidly.

Leadership Skill Development: With the adoption of the group’s training plans A, B and C, leadership skill development and improvement of the senior level management team are prioritized and the reserved cadres’ team is strengthened in order to build up an effective system for training and developing a valuable personnel system for the company.

Internationalized Talent Development Programs: By implementing the IUMBA programs and systems, as the establishment of the expatriate training system and the job rotation system creates a global operation & management platform and provides a broader space where employees could obtain more and more development opportunities in terms of learning and working, broadening their horizons and growing into internationalized talents.

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