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Total Solution to Multimodal Transportation

Advantages and characteristics: A tank support the entire transport,safe and flexible.

We can customize solutions according to the product characteristics and customer requirements, and provide total solutions to transportation and storage of chemicals (powder, liquid chemicals and gas chemicals) and liquid food. We can also provide technical support for the full transportation process. The GPS intelligent management system realizes the intelligent monitoring and comprehensive operation management of goods in the whole logistics process. The tank container conforming to the domestic and international standards satisfies long-time and long-distance international multimodal transportation. Chinese and European advantages in design and manufacturing are integrated in the chemical/food tank area project, making goods storage safe and reliable.

Multimodal Transportation for Ethylene oxide

Delivery time: March 2013
Application area: China, Japan, etc.
Description:  We have provided the 20-foot ethylene oxidetank container for the Japanese customer, with the maximum load capacity of 16,146kg and the volume of 20.7m3. The tank is mainly used for international transportation from China to Indonesia and India, with the temperature rise below 10℃ within 30 days of transportation from Shanghai, China to India.

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