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Total Operation Solution for Land Modular LNG Refueling Stations

We can provide integrated solutions for LNG refueling stations, including equipment manufacturing and system integration, complete equipment selection, equipment commissioning training and service, project consulting, feasibility analysis, engineering and technological design, etc.

We can build gas refueling stations rapidly and efficiently, with the shortest construction period of only one day. As the occupied area is small, civil construction costs can be cut to effectively reduce investment of customers and maximize economic benefits.

[Integrated LNG Fuelling Solution - Anjieyi]


Characterized by stringent standard, easy implementation and complete supporting facilities, the solution makes it possible to build a station within one day.         

The station solution is mainly composed of the tank, gasification supercharger, submersible pump, dispenser and supporting management, which are integrated onto one skid of standard container size. The skid-mounted system is assembled in the factory. The whole system is highly standardized and stable and reliable in quality, free of the problems of the conventional refueling station in on-site installation, greatly improving the safety of the refueling stations. A station can be built by transporting the integrated skid to the installation site and fixing it with anchor bolts. There is no need for additional infrastructure, thus a considerable saving in land resources and installation can be achieved.



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