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Financial leasing

We will provide financial leasing services for promising and creditable enterprises by joining efforts with CIMC Financing Leasing Co., Ltd. Such services with advantages of "convenient procedures and low threshold" can relieve customers from financial pressure, optimize fund allocation and save the existing bank credit. By means of flexible lease, customers can obtain the medium-to-long term "loan" equivalent to the entire amount of equipment easily and quickly, which will reduce the cost.

At the same time, we have established the long-time cooperation relationships with China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, and promoted in-depth cooperation with customers by the short-term and medium-term export credit insurance, overseas investment insurance and other financial services provided by China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation.

We can customize flexible financial solutions according to customer demands to effectively relieve financial problems of customers, increase the cash flow and facilitate the value increment and maintenance. 

Initial requirements: purchase LNG Aerated Sub-station compressor at a budget of RMB 3 million (an overall investment of RMB 18 million, excluding vehicles and lands).

Investigate and Survey:CIMC ENRIC learned that the project has been approved and initiated without feasibility study and design. The gas source is 500 kilometers away from the sub-station, while LNG station is located in the mountain area of northern Shaanxi only in the service of two sub-stations in Xi'an. As gas will be finally applied in urban buses, we advised the customer to build two LNG refueling stations and import gas from Shaanxi Enron LNG plant instead of building stations due to unstable gas source. We provided them with feasibility study, design and EPC contracting, and recommended them to purchase three LNG tankers.

Program Planning:We know that, according to the research, the customer has easy access to index. What's more, Xi'an has a favorable consumption market with very low gas price. As the customer only has RMB 20 million available, we recommended to build two LNG refueling stations and purchase one LNG tanker by means of financial leasing.
This not only meets key application demands (bust demands with investment and operation cost lowered), but creates value-added space: the customer has the daily natural gas sales (from 30,000 m³ to 60,000 m³) and profitability doubled with same initial investment, the overall construction period shortened and the transaction volume increased 10 times from RMB 3 million to RMB 30 million.

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