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Intelligent Internet +

In cooperation with CIMC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., one intelligent service provider under CIMC, we realize the safe and intelligent management, following the Internet+ development needs, completely eliminating the worries of users, and fully satisfying the needs of remote monitoring of refueling stations, intelligent management of tank containers and remote control of liquid filling.

The the whole life cycle service management system is imported by connecting the equipment with Internet on the basis of on-site supervision to realize real-time remote condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and operational analysis. Technicians and maintenance personnel can locate the fault source and reasons in a short time through the system to realize equipment management throughout the life cycle. The system aims to: first, provide rich data for product quality improvement, technology improvement and design optimization; secondly, evaluate the quality of parts and supplier; thirdly, implement maintenance cost accounting; fourthly, develop smart reminder system for regular maintenance of products, accessories/parts so as to fully promote lean production and management of customers.

TankCarer® Intelligent Management System

With active research and practice in the past three years, CIMC ENRIC has finally introduced TankCarer® Intelligent Management System with national 863 key research achievements undertook by CIMC to provide customers with care services throughout the life cycle of products and provide strong support for industrial safety supervision.
TankCarer® Intelligent Management System is the most comprehensive application system for low temperature storage and transport equipment to realize remote intelligent monitoring and comprehensive operation management. The smart sensor technology will gather various data of low temperature storage and transport equipment and then transfer such data to the system platform through wireless data transmission for remote data processing. In this way, remote real-time monitoring, operation management and tracking of low-temperature storage and transport equipment may be realized. 

CIMC TANK U service platform: it is composed of a 2D code and a service platform. You can browse and download all tank container files in your name by scanning the 2D code on the tank container nameplate to enter the file management platform and then inputting related inion.

CIMC TANK MILES: the German-made hardware of CIMC TANKMILES is robust and durable compatible with various sensing probes. When combined with the electronic map software platform of advanced function and friendly interface, it will greatly improve the operation efficiency of the container team.

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