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Becomes a member of the first working group of the National Standardization Technical Committee of Fishing Vessels
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The working group of Clean Energy for Fishing Vessels under the National Standardization Technical Committee of Fishing Vessels convened its 2016 working conference in Tianjin on December 12-14. CIMC ENRIC-Hongtu attended the working conference as a member of the first working group.

Over 20 industrial experts present at the working conference discussed progress of the approval and initiation of the Technical Conditions for Liquefied Natural Gas Fuel Storage Equipment for Fishing Vessels, a new industrial standard to be released in 2017, and awarded prizes to Dou Weidong (CIMC ENRIC -Hongtu), Shi Jin (Qingdao Taineng Gas Group) and Du Chunyuan (Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute, Tianjin University), and presented certificates to the member units.  

At the working conference, participants reviewed and discussed the major jobs done by the working group in 2016, including the construction of the standard system for fishing vessels powered by clean energy, research and demonstration of application experiments of LNG and alcohol ether fuel for engines of such fishing vessels, and visits and investigations of and communications among the member units. Representatives from different enterprises exchanged viewpoints on engines for fishing vessels, LNG fishing ports, pontoon bunkering, LNG storage tanks, low-temperature valves and security systems for fishing vessels, and reconstruction of fishing vessels powered by clean energy. The specific tasks and implementation steps to promote the improvement of the fishing vessel sector and the use of clean energy were also assigned and confirmed at the working conference. 

CIMC ENRIC-Hongtu has been dedicated to the R&D of the "fuel oil to natural gas conversion" in the past few years, taking the lead to develop relevant industrial administration standard, and grown into a pioneer and major player in the manufacture and reconstruction of ship fuel equipment in China. Thanks to these consistent efforts, it was convincingly elected as a member unit of the first working group. The success of the working conference will speed up the use of clean energy in domestic fishing vessel sector and contribute to the upgrading of fishing vessels from being powered by traditional energy in the past to being powered by clean energy in the future.

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