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Contributes The World's First Floating Oil,Water & Gas Fueling Station To Operation And Ship's Discharge Reduction By LNG Storage Tank
Addtime:2016-12-28  Source:CIMC ENRIC HOLDING LIMITED Hits:5561

On December 20, Harbor Star 02th, the world’s first overwater oil, water and gas fueling station was formally put into operation at Baguazhou, Nanjing. CIMC ENRIC Sanctum, the builder of two LNG storage tanks with a capacity of 250 cubic meters each, has ensured the successful operation of the project with its nice design and manufacturing of the key equipment.

The 136-meter-long Harbor Star 02th is the world’s largest overwater comprehensive energy replenishing barge. Located at the No. 19 onshore service zone of the Yangtze River Jiangsu Section, it provides LNG fuel and high-quality refined oil. The barge is reputed as the most advanced oil, water and gas fueling station on the Yangtze River, thanks to its brand new designing concepts embedded in the LNG system. The two LNG storage tanks provide liquids from the upper side: the LNG pump is installed inside the storage tank, no opening is provided at the part below the highest liquid level inside the tank, and carbon steel is used for the shell of the tank, which features short time for fueling, small quantity of BOG to be generated, smaller occupancy spaces, and reduces the cost for the construction of LNG enveloping system.'

CIMC ENRIC has been dedicated to the R&D and construction of LNG equipment for ships and promoted the application of LNG system for ships in the past few years, in a bid to contribute to creating green waters and environmentally friendly shipping, reducing costs and saving energy. So far, the Company has won over 100 LNG storage tanks orders for ships powered by LNG and LNG-fueling barges on Yangtze River Delta and the golden watercourses of Yangtze River. 

The formal operation of Harbor Star 02th helps with the central government’s prevention and control of the environmental pollution in the golden watercourses of Yangtze River and the implementation of the policy to build ship discharge and emission control zones on Yangtze River during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period, and it will accelerate and promote the use of clean energy in water transport industry.

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