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Completed The Storage TanksIt's Roof Air-raising Of China’s First LNG Receiving Terminal For International Shipping
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Two LNG storage tanks with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters each for the Phase I Works of ENN Zhoushan LNG receiving terminal and fueling station, China's first approved demonstration project of using LNG to fuel international vessels, has been successively completed it's Roof Air-raising on December 19 and 21. Two steel roofs with a weight of 768 tons each and the roof parts were air-raised to their final positions in one time, which was totally different from the technologies of traditional hydraulic raising or directly hoisting the parts to the top for installation.



Ultra-large LNG storage tank is the most essential and critical equipment for a LNG receiving terminal. The two LNG storage tanks with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters each for the Phase I Works of ENN Zhoushan LNG receiving terminal and fueling station  t are built by the business venture of TGE (TGE Gas Engineering GmBH) and YPDI (Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical Design Engineering Co., Ltd), two business units held by CIMC ENRIC. The project is China’s first private LNG terminal for international vessels. The Phase I project includes the construction of two LNG storage tanks with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters each, which are expected to be put into operation in the middle of 2018. When completed and put into operation, the annual LNG handling capacity will reach 3 million tons.  

The project is located in  the Marine Industry Cluster Zone formed by land reclamation in the northeast of Zhoushan Archipelago. It is the first large-size cryogenic LNG storage tank built on coastal reclamation land in China. Currently, the storage tank works of ENN Zhoushan LNG receiving and bunkering terminal project is two months ahead of schedule. The project are two pre-stressed concrete full containment storage tanks with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters each and a  designed diameter of 80 meters for the tank body. It requires exceptionally outstanding technical competence, huge investments, long construction period, and higher safety and quality, so the top-out has not only demonstrated CIMC ENRIC’s leading competence in LNG storage tank building sector, but also indicate a significant construction milestone in the early phase civil engineering of the storage tanks, laying a solid foundation for the construction of inner tanks with 9% nickel steel and the cooling of tank body. 


The air-raising is a procedure that requires the application of most technologies, the use of most equipment, and the participation of the largest number of staff in the construction of storage tanks. During the process, four large-power fans installed outside the tank blow and pressurize the enclosed space at the bottom of the steel arched roof, and air-raise steel roofs with a weight of 768 tons each and the roof parts to the top of the tank – a distance of 50 meters from the ground for installation in one time. The successful top-out is a perfect combination of precise construction techniques including the balance system, fan system, closing system, measurement and telecommunication system.

Sun Hongli, the company's deputy general manager and a director of the board of TGE, said “the use of green and low-carbon energy is a trend, and the use of LNG is one of important director for China to optimize its energy structure. With further implementation of environmental protection policies, the opening-up and maturity of domestic natural gas market, China's LNG imports and related infrastructure facilities are expected to rise in the long term. At the same time, since a LNG terminal performs such functions as the strategic reserve of natural gas, seasonal peak shaving, and bartering and trading transactions, the industry believes that there are more to be done. For example, there will be functional adjustments: the mid- and small-size LNG transportations will perform peak shaving and trading transaction functions; the large-size ones will perform imports, strategic reserve, and peak shaving for power generation by natural gas and for the provision of large quantity of natural gas.”


After ENN Zhoushan LNG Receiving and Bunkering Terminal Project is put into operation, it will provide more infrastructure and convenience for LNG imports, reshipping and application, and further speed up the pace of domestic natural gas industry so as to keep abreast of the world. Also, the shift for a LNG terminal to be multi-functional requires higher construction technological competence, so the project will be a demonstration project aligned with international excellence for later projects of the same kind in China.


【Process Of Srorage Roof Air-raising

Overlooking before 1# storage roof air-raising



Roof air-raising to half



Roof air-raising in place


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