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21st Century Business Herald: Natural Gas Sector Is Undergoing the Intelligent Transion: Call for the Availability and Accessibility of Pipeline Network Data
Addtime:2016-08-19  Source:CIMC ENRIC HOLDING LIMITED Hits:8596

Reporter: Dai Jianmin Shenzhen
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News summary: currently, a large number of suppliers of natural gas processing, storage and transportation, and application equipment in China are optimistic about new development opportunities brought by the “Internet Plus” and intensify their efforts to explore the integration of the “Internet Plus” application technology with “Big Data” intelligent management.

“The thoughts and practice of the ‘Internet Plus intelligent service management system’ has provided CIMC Enric (03899.HK), in particular its natural gas storage and transportation equipment business, with new business growth points. In the meantime, it also provides the natural gas sector with innovative operational management patterns and value growth points, and much solider base for the win-win and coexistence of different links in the whole industrial chain,” commented Shi Caixing, Vice President of CIMC Enric Holdings Limited.


It is learned that CIMC Enric began the research and development of intelligent and safe monitoring applications special for energy equipment 5 years ago. Today, it is capable of providing property owners with intelligent management solutions including control systems for gas filling stations, long-distance monitoring systems for gasification stations, tank container safety guard and intelligent management systems, networking management systems for gas filling stations, control systems for gas-fired boilers, and control systems for gas filling skid-mounted equipment. The “Internet Plus intelligent service management system” is developed on such solutions. In addition to on-site monitoring, it will be able to conduct long-distance and real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis and operational analysis of equipment, and offer life cycle management of equipment after the necessary devices are connected to the Internet.

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