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Mr. Liu Chunfeng Had.. 2017-01-16
On January 10th, 2017 the regular Employee Meeting was held in TGE Bonn office.TGE employees had the opportunity of their shareholder joining the Em
Becomes a member of .. 2016-12-28
The working group of Clean Energy for Fishing Vessels under the National Standardization Technical Committee of Fishing Vessels convened its 2016 work
Contributes The Worl.. 2016-12-28
On December 20, Harbor Star 02th, the world’s first overwater oil, water and gas fueling station was formally put into operation at Baguazhou, Nanjing
Completed The Storag.. 2016-12-26
Two LNG storage tanks with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters each for the Phase I Works of ENN Zhoushan LNG receiving terminal and fueling station, C
Gets Orders For Ship.. 2016-12-02
Recently, Nantong CIMC Energy Equipment Co., Ltd, a business unit of CIMC ENRIC, entered into the agreement with the G Company from Singapore for the
14,000 Cubic Meters .. 2016-11-22
In early November, the first 14,000-m3 LNG carrier made in China successfully completed its sea trial; the liquid cargo tanks of this carrier are pr
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